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Join the Movement!

​My City Matters spends one week during the summer on a missions trip - from the city, to the city. This is not summer camp! It is an intentional week spent eating, sleeping, working, serving, living in the urban core. We serve local ministries and organizations already actively at work in the city addressing core issues. The week is intense, eye-opening, heart-shattering, and incredibly rewarding. We view the missions trip as a launching point for the youth - not something that they come and do for a week, and then return to "life as it was". Life can never be the same! That's why we provide opportunities for youth groups and individuals to return to the same ministries and organizations they were introduced to during the missions trip, and continue being Jesus' hands and feet to the city on a consistent basis throughout the year.


Whether you bring your entire youth group, or just a select few, we would love to have you and your teens join us for a summer missions trip to the city. Youth entering 7th grade in the coming fall up through graduating seniors are eligible to come, as well as youth leaders, college interns, and adult volunteers. Click on "Let's Talk" to get in touch with us!

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." - Ecclesiastes 4:12

My City Matters is an ever-growing movement that brings local and surrounding-area churches together. If we don't know you, we'd love to begin that relationship! We want to listen and hear your heart and passion. Where is God working in your church? What ministry areas is your congregation or youth already actively involved in? What do you want to be involved in that you may not be right now? How can we serve your church?

Where you are strong, another church may be weak, and your expertise could be exactly what breathes fresh life into their people! We are called to be "the church" - and that begins by coming together. Whether you want your youth, leaders, or staff to get involved with My City Matters, you feel encouraged to help other churches through resources or training, or you just want to take that first step in getting to know each other, we want to help make that happen.




Tired of the "two week spiritual high"?

Cost for My City Matters is $200/youth. Leaders and adult volunteers are covered.


Your city matters!

When you work positively on a project together with someone, you develop a relationship that lasts well after that project is completed. This is the heart of My City Matters: bringing churches in and around a city together, working in unity toward a common goal, working, serving, doing spiritual battle side by side in the trenches of the inner city, and through this we have seen churches and communities previously unknown to each other develop relationships that strengthen and unite the body of Christ.

The My City Matters movement is designed to spread to other cities across the country and around the world. By starting with one church developing a relationship with another church, serving local ministries and organizations, we believe entire cities can be transformed by the power of God!  If you are interested in bringing My City Matters to your city, please get in touch with us!

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